Every effort is being made across this Budget to increase housing supply and affordability in Western Australia. The Cook Labor Government's investments in social housing have delivered 2,100 social homes with another 1,000 under construction. 


The 2024-25 State Budget includes: 

  • An extra $400 million to support the delivery of nearly 5,000 more social homes 
  • Supporting services that support Western Australians experiencing homelessness with $92 million in extra funding 
  • Supporting small and medium business with the cost of taking on a construction apprentice 
  • $5 million to provide an incentive of $5,000 to owners of currently vacant properties to offer them to Western Australians on the long-term rental market
  • Stamp duty relief for first home buyers - saving many first home buyers thousands 

We're also: 

  • Reforming our short-term holiday rentals market by introducing a property register and incentivising property owners to move their houses into the long-term market with $10,000 in payments 
  • Modernising our renters laws making things fairer for renters, limiting rent increases and outlawing the scourge of rent-bidding