Surf Life Saving WA Shark Mitigation Services

Surf Life Saving WA Shark Mitigation Services  Main Image

04 September 2021

2021 State government committed $12 million to fund shark helicopter patrols across Western Australia until 2024-2025.

Weekend patrols begin for Perth and South-West helicopters began in September 2021

$12 million allocation in 2021/2022 State Budget providing comprehensive beach and aerial patrols, integrated communication systems, and jet ski response team. 

Whether we are enjoying the beach, the water or chasing waves, we are thankful for the Surf Life Saving helicopter patrols, which amassed nearly 1,000 hours last season watching over the Perth and South-West coasts.

When a SLSWA helicopter sounds its siren and hovers above a beach, it is time for everyone to exit the water for at least 60 minutes, because a shark has been sighted.

With summer approaching, it is also very important to switch on your Sea Sense and follow the tips on the SharkSmart website and the SharkSmart WA app to keep informed about the latest reported shark sightings and tagged-shark detections.

All shark sightings should be reported to Water Police on 9442 8600