Mount Pleasant Primary School - Solar Panels

Mount Pleasant Primary School - Solar Panels Main Image

By Kim Giddens MLA

08 November 2022

The $44.6 million Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund demonstrates our commitment to renewable electricity and will reduce school’s energy costs and carbon emissions.

Funding will go towards the installation of new energy technologies in public schools including more rooftop solar systems in public schools over the next four years. This investment supports the existing Solar Schools Program and the trial Virtual Power Plant battery program.

The Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund will provide STEM learning opportunities for students and teachers to gain new skills and understand the benefits of renewable energy and technologies.

Principals will inform their parents and school community of any opportunities for the school to apply for funding.

Delivered on the 12th of August 2022.

Congratulations to Mount Pleasant Primary School – new solar panels are coming your way!

The new solar panels will help these local schools to save on their power bills, lower carbon emissions, transition towards a cleaner energy future and teach local kids about renewable technologies.

Our local Bateman schools are among 96 other schools across WA who will receive solar panels under the latest round of the Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund.

The McGowan Government is committed to making changes and funding new initiatives that reduce the impact that schools have on the environment.

The $44.6 million Schools Clean Energy Technology Fund aims to boost installation of clean energy solutions in WA public schools, to lower their carbon emissions and reduce one of their major costs.

"This latest funding allocation will set almost 100 public schools up to benefit from innovative solar technology.

I look forward to continuing the rollout of clean energy technologies in our public schools, which is an important piece of the State's broader transition towards a low carbon future.