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Parliamentary Committees

I have been a member of several committees investigating matters of government policy. 


Public Accounts Committee 

Current inquiry: "Western Australian Government's progress towards achieving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes is assisting to secure international investment." 

Read more about the committee here. 

Joint Standing Committee on Audit

The Committee consists of the Members of the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations and the Members of the Legislative Assembly Public Accounts Committee. 

Previous: 2021 - 2023 Community Development and Justice Committee 

I was member of this committee which released a landmark report titled "Enough is Enough: Sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry," focusing on sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry.  

You can read the "Enough is Enough," report here

Find below my comments made in the 41st State Parliament! 

I was proud to deliver my inaugural speech in Parliament following my election in 2021. Check it out here! 

I am proud to support netball clubs in Bateman. I have been working hard throughout the last couple of years to support significant upgrades to the facilities that these netball clubs desperately need! I am determined to continue to deliver for Bateman netball clubs!

It was great to speak to the Parliament about the upgrades to Brentwood Primary School Courts. The upgrades will support Tingara Netball Club who access these facilities for training each week! I am proud to see the $100,000 commitment to upgrade these courts delivered! 

Supporting Bateman sporting clubs has been a wonderful part of my job as member for Bateman. In September 2023, I spoke in Parliament about the many clubs in the electorate and I spoke of the highlights these clubs have had recently! 

The electorate of Bateman is one of the most multicultural places in WA. I took time in February 2024 to thank the WA Chinese Community for their contributions to our State and gave insight as to how Bateman Primary Schools celebrated the Lunar New Year. 

I spoke to Parliament about the need for important firearm reforms in Western Australia. I focused in on how firearms are still a risk to our community despite the significant reduction in firearms in the community. Strengthening WA Firearm legislation to prevent the risk of gun violence in WA is an important issue that I was proud to comment on. 

I gave a speech to Parliament on the need to protect the Beeliar Wetlands and invest in improving WA infrastructure and roads for the local community. 

I spoke to Parliament about the pressures COVID placed on our community in 2022 and I reflected on some of the achievements in Bateman since my election to parliament. 

In February 2023, I spoke to Parliament about the importance of protecting the urban tree canopy in our communities. 

In February 2022 I presented a petition to Parliament to ensure the protection of parks and public open space in the City of Melville.